Embroidery! What is it and why choose Buyworkwear to fulfill your needs?

Embroidery is the process of decorating fabrics or other materials using a needle to apply a thread or yarn and can be traced back as early as 5th Century BC.  It was considered a high craftsmanship skill until the Industrial Revolution allowed for mass production with the advancement of technology.

But why the brief history lesson? Well without the Industrial Revolution our services would be costly to you the consumer and we believe in the best possible prices, that’s why we offer a free logo on every garment we sell. (See below for Terms and Condition of the free logo application)

Our machines are capable of up to 15 colours allowing detailed or vibrant logo applications. We have no minimum order size, this grants you the ability to order the amount that suits you. We use the finest Madeira threads for some of the highest quality embroidery to ensure strength, durability, and a professional finish. Best of all we are quick with 3 day turnaround on most embroidered garments.