Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of digital data that are put on your computer if you agree to them. There are used to collect data to improve the users experience, from remembering your login details to remembering the items saved in an online basket. They also assess how you use our website and what areas we can improve. They also help show you relevant advertisements.


How do we utilize them?

We use cookies to see if you have previous visited our site and helps remember your personal preferences, login details etc.

They are also used to collect information on how you are using our site and what products should be advertised that may interest you.


What about 3rd Party Cookies cookies?

Third party cookies are cookies that are used by other websites. These can include targeting to analytical cookies from advertising networks or other external services. We don't have any control over these cookies.

We use the following Third party cookies.

  • Google, we use google to help advertise the business. They may send cookies to your devices to help us identify adverts that you have interacted with or products that you may interested in.
  • Facebook and Twitter, We use these sites for easier account registration, They may send cookies to your devices that help remember your login details to our website or they may advertise our site to you if you have previously visited. It also allows you to share our products or web pages on your social media accounts.


Can I block Cookies?

Of course you can, but this will hurt your own user experience, as you will have to fill out everything every time and may prevent you from using parts of the website and login in features.

You can find out more information on how to disable cookies on your web browser via your preferred search engine.