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The Benefits of Heat Transferring:

  • Affordable from a single garment.
  • Multi-colour logos benefit greatly.
  • High quality print.
  • Vast array of colours available.
  • Fast to produce.
  • Great for promotional or one-time events.
  • The heat press in clean and environmental friendly. 

Heat Printing (or transfer printing) is where a high temperature heat press applies heat to a material that will adhere to the garment. The material is a type of sticker, with heat sensitive glue on one side. Heat Transfer is particularly cost effective, as logos can be applied easier and quicker then embroidery.

Limited to a couple of colours per garment, Vinyl is best used for simple text transfers or one tone logos. This process is perfect for low quantity orders. We recommend Vinyl on Hi-Viz clothing but it works well on most garment types apart from fleece and wool based products.   

We use the latest Vinyl CAD-Cut printers to prepare your designs for printing. The benefits to this is a durable finish, the prints are easy to apply, washable, available in a range of colours, the ability to apply a design to already personalised garments, fast to set up and print and finally available in a Matte or Gloss finish.

Digital printing is the more popular choice when it comes to Heat Transferring, Just like your printer at home, we are able to take any design and print it on a special transfer paper and using the method in the video provided can apply it to almost any garment.

The Benefits to digital printing are a high quality finish, easy to apply, great for low quantity bulk orders, can print any design & colour, no set up fees, fast to print and apply to garment and finally compatible with other personalised garments.